Commercial Real Estate is the property that is being used for an industrial purpose.The real estate market offers plenty of chances for investment. It is all about making money by broad category of the realty market. Realty invest is more similar to stock investment which requires a proper guideline.

The key features of a commercial real investment are :


Income-generating Property


Assets appraisal in the form of potential and rental income.


Need for more capital than its residential counterpart

Agarwal Estates is more than happy to offer you help. As a firm, it is a stark believer that transparency, when maintained properly, creates its own magic. Hence, with this belief, we try to give you thorough guidance. Our small team of leaders helps you take a well informed and intelligent decision based on the complete details and facts. Be it a space for an office or a resort, be it a healthcare facility or strip mall. Get a quick go through. Choose wisely. Agarwal Estates is always there for you. All we need is your autograph.


We understand the hassles of leasing, buying and selling your property. It is both time-consuming and frustrating. Moreover, it is not easy to spot the right property. not everyone is reliable or trustworthy.

We, Agarwal Estates, believe in dealing with transparency, integrity and providing value to customers. We offer you absolute guidance that saves your time and energy. Most importantly, invest appropriately.Thus, We ensure complete content and build a lifetime bonding.

We have tied up with the best builders in Bangalore to find the right investment opportunities for you. We are committed in every step till the registration of property (Including Legal services, Home Loan, Documentation, and follow-up). We have fool-proofed our processes in such a way that we will just need your autograph!

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