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Vaastu Shastra, or the science of architecture, is a traditional system of Indian architecture, that has been prevalent since ages. Of late, this has gained prominence, especially in the construction industry to ensure the appropriate flow of positive energies. Hence, Vaastu Consultants, Vaastu Practitioners, Vaastu Architects, and other similar professionals have gained importance in recent times.

Preferred house direction

As per majority of the Vaastu practitioners, the preferred direction of the house should be East, North, or Northeast. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Opinions of expert Vaastu consultants need to be considered for a detailed explanation as they may have other queries to ask before they give their opinion. The value of a Vaastu expert’s opinion is also determined by an individual’s beliefs.

Apart from these preferred directions, some of the houses may be facing other directions, especially if their construction has been done without considering Vaastu. In such scenarios, there could be impacts on the residents of the house, for which, there is a Vaastu explanation. For people who believe in Vaastu will look for remedial action, which may involve in civil renovations. For people who believe otherwise, would look for alternative remedies. For more info about house directions, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Impacts of house orientation

As cited in the previous paragraphs, favourable directions for the house orientation are east, north and northeast. Apart from these, for houses that face the west tend to bring good fortune to the youngsters in family. The caveat to this is that the primary lady of the house would spend most of her time away from the family.

Conversely, houses that face the northwest invite health and wealth. The flipside to this is that the primary male breadwinner of the family will be away for most of the time. The least favourable direction for the house to face is the southwest. Although southwest also represents wealth, it is also associated with evil, as it is the direction opposite the northeast, the direction of God. As a result, in these houses, although families tend to prosper for the initial years, this is short-lived due to the misfortune that follows in the wake of the initial prosperity. For details, contact us and we will be more than happy to clarify your doubts or introduce you to experienced Vaastu consultants.


Considering that Vaastu is a traditional science related to the flow of energies, this has prompted people to think about its impact on their houses. Humans like positivity in various aspects of their lives – visible or invisible. The science of Vaastu applied to their dream homes is one such aspect. Hence, it is imperative that appropriate Vaastu orientation of the house, externally and internally, are taken care of with remedies, if any.

We are not domain experts in the field of Vaastu. We have simply attempted to simplify the relation of Vaastu with the house orientation and its impacts. For a better understanding, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries or introduce you to a Vaastu expert, if you do not know one.

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