Interior Design

In association with Agarwal Interiors, your spaces are made into something you have always imagined them to be, while ensuring that you do not have to compromise with boring catalogue designs.

"Make your house the home you want to live in"

Agarwal Interiors, in association with Agarwal Estates genuinely believes in making your house a home. We make suggestions and share our elite experience to satisfy our customer's requirement. Our commitment to trust and transparency lives long when it comes to enabling us to design your spaces as well. While at the same time, the potential of quality of designs is duly noted. Agarwal interiors offers a huge variety of options for you to choose from. All interior designing options and brands are placed forth, for you to examine what suits your needs best, while making recommendations and suggestions culled out from our knowledge bank. We also promise completion of work on time, because we value everything that you hold close. No last-minute surprises, or rather shocks is what we guarantee. We believe in putting our heart into what we do, because we understand that 'Home is Where your Heart is.''

Our Value Proposition

You can be assured that our products are high on quality, and our testimonials validate that. At a reasonable cost, one that your pocket is friendly to, we provide products that bear a quality which is at par with high-end brands. We look beyond just names. Quality is priority.

Because of our meticulous project planning, and adherence to delivery schedules, we are able to promise a timeline of 6 weeks for a 2BHK, and 8 weeks for a 3BHK. Our confidence prompts us to assure clients a payment of rent for the extended time, in the slightest case of delay in delivery, giving a 2 weeks grace period since supply of goods and very recently, a pandemic etc., is beyond our control and stands at an unprecedented stature.

We strive on making the entire process transparent. Everything is communicated to you without filtering information. Last minute shocks or add-on charges are completely done away with. We function in the binary of Black and White, without leaving any room for shades of grey.

We have managed to gain expertise through experience, and acknowledge your trust in us. You can be assured of a trouble-free journey with us, even with minimal communication.

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