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It is an unanimous observation the Real Estate sector in India is rugged and unorganized with majority of agents and brokers considered untrue, unprofessional, and out to seek personal gains dishonestly. Little do we know that there are still a few honest brokers out there who want to build the trust of their clients. However, because we do not naturally trust brokers, we tend to consider the good ones as unreliable too. Along the line, genuine agents transform into untrustworthy and unethical mediators.

Based in Bengaluru, Agarwal Estates, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified establishment, poses as a singular platform, offering you varied real estate services. Ergo, "One Stop. All Solutions - Real Estate Services." The pivot of a relationship with Agarwal Estates is engraved in the trust and transparency we extend.

At the heart of our principles and values are trust and transparency. Moreover, our KEY series: Knowledge Empowers You! helps you make informed decisions. The idea is to demystify the confusions that might get in your way to transact, and to make the process as transparent as glass. Our credence in the subject matter expertise provided unfiltered to our clients, helps us too, in ways humanitarian... - Read More -


"To change the perception of Real Estate services in India"
The transparency we impart to our customers empowers them to make the right choices along the way, reducing the need to trust as there are no hidden agendas involved and by this philosophy becoming a practice do we proudly embrace our motto: Trust Redefined. Since 2012, our establishment has paved way in delivering affordable, yet high quality service, utilizing our promoter's diversified experience to its maximum potential, after he had 10 years in the States.

Ethics goes beyond what the law requires

"One day before registration of a Buy/Sale transaction of a particular flat in a society, we found out that the society had an illegal standing. We cancelled the deal at once!"
Consider the case of a building. One floor comes above another. However, as a new floor comes into being, a ceiling will always succeed it. This is analogous to Laws and Ethics wherein like the floor, laws will always lag ethics. Like most industries and firms conform to legality of matters, Agarwal Estates does not just stop there. Even in an ideal scenario where everything looks pretty and good to go in terms of financials and legalities, if it is not ethical, it is rejected and we back out of the deal even if it means we incur loss. Such a training is given to the workforce as well... - Read More -
Leadership Team
Manoj Agarwal
/ Co-Founder & CEO

The cornerstone of Agarwal Estates, Mr. Manoj Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, brings with him extensive global experience to fully optimise it to suit the requirements of the Indian market in implementing processes, service delivery and standardization of methodologies. An IT Executive-turned-Entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in leadership roles in reputed companies (CISCO/ DELL/HP/Applied Materials/TCS/AtosOrigin/RedHat) of India and USA, is vouched for, for his righteous work style. He does not only manage but also gets down to the ground root level to support his team and business. With qualifications of a mentor, he continues to provide training himself to all teams as well as each individuals part of the team. His divergent thinking has optimized the business and give it a foundation to match with international standards. He knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Manish Singh

Manish Singh, a graduate of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University, heads our main office as well as the Home Loan vertical. He comes with 6 years of Pre-Sales experience with renowned players like Prestige, Salarpuria, Brigade and more.

Prema Agarwal

Our Customer Care Operations Head and most importantly, our co-founder, Ms. Prema Agarwal, with her rich experience in operations in multiple start-ups, and as a Real Estate Advisor in the States, has consistently helped our clients materialise their real estate expectations

Pragya Agarwal

Having graduated from IESEG School of Management, France, with a degree of Bachelor's in Business Administration, Pragya Agarwal has been on the lookout for something that can challenge her skills and knowledge.

Khyati Mehta

A Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology, Ms. Khyati Mehta, The Chief Happiness Officer of Agarwal Estates, has always showcased diversity in everything she has done.

Purva Goyal

Purva Goyal is a postgraduate from Rajasthan University and a dedicated professional with 7 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. She has a deep understanding of the core of this Industry and is a firm believer in honesty, transparency and client satisfaction.

Vinay Sreenidhi

Vinay Sreenidhi comes from Bangalore, holding a B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, New Delhi.

Pratibha Arya

Pratibha Arya is a passionate educator cum influencer that continues to be a popular and integral figure of both premium residences: Purva Riviera and Prestige Shantiniketan. She is the founder of The Learning Planet Preschool and Day Care.

Pawan Sharma

Pawan Sharma brings with him 25+ years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Advertisement Space selling, Administration, Audit, Recruitment and Supply Chain management to name a few. He had exposure to various Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Print Media, Recruitment/HR & now Real Estate.

Anusha C

With over 8 years of experience in Interior Design and Space Planning in luxury and budget projects in addition to a diploma in the same, Ms. Anusha C. has successfully completed more than 200 projects in this highly competitive and selective industry.

Esha Karda

Esha Karda is a post graduate from Amity Business School Lucknow, having over 8 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has pioneered the sales process at Agarwal Estates and has delivered delight to numerous customers over the years.

How did Agarwal Estates come into the picture?

After having spent over a decade in the States, working for multinationals like CISCO and Dell, our Founder, Mr. Manoj Agarwal returned to India. A few unpleasant experiences in real estate coerced him to apprehend the absent trust. As an investor of a property in the States, and later having settled in India, he was able to analyse two different markets, mark their differences in quality, and deemed fit to appropriate the 'good' in the Indian market. Ethics, commitment and transparency in real estate were among other factors that disappointed him, and led him to incept a real estate venture; one that was built on a strong ground of trust and transparency, the two foundations that lacked in the unorganised sector of Real Estate. In consequence, he set out to establish Agarwal Estates, adopting a humane approach in the Indian real estate services market that is now a pioneer in steadily building an organized sector.

Our Roadmap for better Real Estate Services in India
Subject Matter Expertise
Digitisation of process
NRI Corner

Mr. Manoj Agarwal and Ms. Prema Agarwal have lived in 10 different cities in the United States over the span of 10 years. With their rich experience in management roles, especially after having worked with multinationals like CISCO and Dell, etc, they returned to India. The functionality of the Indian real estate market v/s the market in the States came across as different as they were owners of properties in both of them. A career in the real estate was thought about primarily because of some unpleasant experiences with incompetent brokers in India. And hence, the two spearheaded a real estate company in the name of Agarwal Estates, in compliance with values that they hold extremely essential.

Investing in a property can be quite a task, but it becomes all the more difficult when the buyer lives in a different country. They understood the pain point of NRIs, and others who might find it difficult to manage properties, especially when they have to fly across countries and spend exorbitantly, only to ensure safety. What was encountered then was the mismanagement between owners and tenants. Therefore, the gap that they meant to fill was that of transparency that would reduce the need to trust altogether.

They realised that the world is fast changing, and the prospects in real estate need to be improvised on. Transpiring out of true experience, the establishment of Agarwal Estates meant bringing comfort and care to the scary and unorganised realm of real estates. Every aspect of the company is designed to provide the client with the best of everything, banking on trust. Services are tailored to meet their needs, and to help clients find homes where they make cherished memories for years to come. Rest assured,

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