Festival Celebrations

Be it Holi or Diwali, we welcome celebrations on all festivals because we believe that they bring a respite from the routine. We believe that festivals have the potential to add a bit of colour and fun in the workplace.

Birthday Celebration

We tend to find joy in the little things, sometimes in something as simple, but as special as Birthdays. A little extra attention and a big birthday cake on their special days can go a long way in helping us build a strong emotional connection that will culminate into employee retention and a more motivated workforce.

Monthly Parties

Work can become monotonous sometimes no matter the fun work culture, and to do away with such monotony, we encourage power boosters like monthly parties, or even potlucks, to keep the zeal and fun going. A yearly offsite trip is an added bonus!

Monthly Accolades

We do not shy away from giving credit to whosoever of our employees deserves it, by means of titles like 'Employee of the Month' or 'Employee of the Year'. Silver coins, Gold coins, certificates, emblems as well as cash prices are offered as tokens of our genuine appreciation for the deliverance received.

Bi-Annual Award Functions

Annual Award functions are something that our employees really look forward to, and as a company too, Agarwal Estates owes acknowledgement wherever it is due. We recognize the potential of our valuable human resources twice a year, in April and October.

Annual Tour for Culture Champion

Instead of work getting in the way of our employees, our employees strive hard to get work done most efficiently and effectively to live a life outside office too. "Culture champion" may not be the top performer but receives a leisure stay in India's favourite holiday destinations with an allowance of up to 25K in cash for upholding company culture and ethics! (Most recently, considering the Covid-19 situation, the culture champion's Goa tour was compensated with a 25,000 cash reward)

Tokens of Loyalty

We are grateful for the capable employees that we retain and value the loyalty and commitment one shows for the company. It shows the hope that resides and innate trust for the principles and missions we stand for. In consequence, upon completion of 5 years at Agarwal Estates, 1 gold coin, appreciation certificate and emblem bestowed upon for loyalty. With a professional, yet fun filled workplace, we have a very open culture where we value work ethics, performance and relationships more than seniority & hierarchy.

Support during the pandemic

Post the lockdown, due to improved process and upskill, our business grew by 30% and customer delight went up by a whopping 50%

With the entire globe vulnerable in the clutches of the COVID-19 Pandemic, millions of us have suffered tremendous losses physically, emotionally as well as financially. So did Agarwal Estates. In a time of recession, it becomes hard to concentrate on one's health when the business is at a standstill. But with a strict "Employee first" policy before the leadership team, our management continued to put health and safety of their employees over the struck business.

All team members were offered BLANK Cheques should they fall into any trouble. Complete coverage of medical bills along with permitted health leaves were awaiting any employee who needed the aid. Proper safety measures were taken and team was regularly trained on how to protect themselves and their family. An added solace that most other business employees never got: a secured job and no deductions in salaries!

Business did come second but the team, working from home and being backed up health wise and financially by the management could easily focus and stay motivated for the business and work towards devising strategies to help the business grow despite the lockdown. Intensive trainings by ICF coaches as well as respective vertical managers took place at full fledge and would you like to hear of the consequence of that?

At the top of the game

With the world unlocking from around June 2020, Agarwal Estates opened its doors for business once again and the figures have been exponentially rising once again. There is now:

  • More professionalism in the team
  • Customer service is phenomenal with numerous testified social media reviews as a proof of the effort.
  • Processes are followed strictly. It was only in September 2020, that we received the international accreditation of ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard as a result of well thought and formulated processes.
  • Trainings were not limited to the duration of the lockdown; they continue to be conducted rigorously.