Home Buyer Guide

First-Time Home Buyer's Roadmap: KEY Series (Knowledge Empowers You!)

From confusion to clarity, KEY : "Knowledge Empowers You!"" to make informed decisions; a customer awareness program is based on the culmination of our wisdom born out of facts and subject-matter expertise that we have gained through 400+ sale transactions over the last 8 years. KEY aims to equip you with all the information so that you are aware of exploitations, quality, price, etc. Buying a home for the first time? These are the questions that may be swirling in your mind:
  • What is the size of the home I require?
  • How do I plan my housing budget?
  • Where should I buy my home?
  • What should I look for in a suitable abode?
Read the document above to find all the answers to your dilemmas! We are here to help you demystify the entire buying process and make the journey to your first home a smooth ride. Assuring you the best of our services, All we need is your Autograph!

Home Seller Guide

As a part of our KEY series, we have shared our wisdom based on facts and subject matter expertise gained through over 8+ years of experience.

Click on the link below to identify the salient factors involved in selling the property at the best possible price and within a reasonable time frame:

Key takeaways from the guide:
  • Creating the right pricing strategy is crucial to the success of the sale
  • Understanding the factors which affect the selling price
  • Sales comparison approach in determining a fair price for the property
Agarwal Estates has invested generously in process and service delivery, having checklists for all major stages in the transaction. With our efficient system and streamlined processes, once the price is negotiated, we close the deal in 1 months’ time in comparison to the market trend of 3 months. Happy to help! All we need is your autograph!

Fractional Investments in Commercial Real Estate

In India, Commercial Real Estate, a multi-billion-dollar industry and growing has historically been for the big players (HNIs or Ultra HNIs) in the market. Each asset is valued at 10s of crores of rupees and reaps yield that is 4x times Residential Real Estate with capital Y-o-Y appreciation. This makes it accessible to only a few very wealthy individuals who have the right network, limiting the access to most of us, until a few years ago.

Today, you can grab the Fractional Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunity! This revolutionary concept brought into India by the West, has opened avenues and opportunities for several unaffluent individuals, all at once. Key takeaways:
  • Minimum 25Lacs Investment
  • 8%+ Rental Yield
  • 12-16% Targetted IRR over 5 years
  • Longer Lease
  • Marquee Tenants
Should you have any additional requirements, please feel free to discuss with us. All we need is your Autograph!