Property Management

When the laborious task of managing your property, from finding the right tenant to maintenance, can be taken care of by Agarwal Estates as your property managers, why bother stressing yourself? We assure a management of care that goes much beyond just a service.

Maintaining and providing care to a property are unarguably the two of many important aspects of property management, and while our clients may not have the bandwidth to oversee one or multiple properties at a time, we do the job for them. The heavy lifting is off their shoulders, with us coming into the picture. There are a number of tasks between which our property managers juggle seamlessly, like keeping clients in the loop, managing services pertaining to care of the property, dealing with tenants, administering agreements, collecting payments, keeping a record of important statements, etc. As consultants based in Bengaluru, clients are updated on the market trend, and are advised about the finest of options, with the minutest of details, to manage operations efficiently and effectively.

We have tailored our services in a way that can save your valuable time and depend on us completely for the upkeep of your property. We become your Virtual Tenants for the timely payment of rent and corresponding Virtual Owners for the sub-tenant to take care of all property-related issues.

We are currently offering the following professionally managed services at no extra cost to you:

Guaranteed rent* (we will pay rent even if the flat is vacant)

Utility payment (property tax, maintenance fee, power bill, water bill, etc.)

Property inspection (twice a year)

Basic maintenance (repainting, repair, dealing with tenant's complaints)

Pest control (once a year)

Chimney cleaning (once a year)

Professionally managed flat - Thoroughly verified flats with a fine and swift management.

Basic maintenance & Repair - Prompt repairs with response and action to complaints.

Timely refund of security deposit - Contractual clarity, and timely refund of security deposits.

Clearly written deductions in agreement - No hidden facts or costs, or any last minute surprises.

Guaranteed rent - Despite the vacancy, rent is duly paid. (T&C apply)

Tenant Management - Attaining the right tenant is our responsibility.

Property inspection - Happens twice every year

Legally Secure Contract - Details of contracts are clearly stated and concretely documented for fair benefit of both the parties.

For any queries:

*rental guarantee is provided for selected properties only at the discretion of Agarwal Estates