Residential Real Estate

Selling, buying, and renting a residential property is made absolutely hassle-free with Agarwal Estates. We have been at work, constantly committed to building living spaces worthy of you, and may also have the perfect investment for you.

In November 2020, we closed a Buy/Sale deed in just 18 calendar days with registration. A well known fact to many, such deeds typically take 3 months!

Residential Real Estate basically has to do with operating, managing, and overseeing property for clients, and can become tiresome. Agarwal Estates has the experience, resources, and the tools to choose the best from a variety of options available. You can be assured that your property will be looked after effectively by keeping its worth as high as possible, by hiring our professional services to oversee it.

We follow a certain process, whether you are buying/selling or renting, which includes

  • Property and market trend research
  • Getting detailed information about various projects
  • Collection of data of different properties
  • Comparing projects to match with clients' requirements.

With just your autograph, Agarwal estates finds the best for you in the city of Bengaluru!

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