9 January, 2023    

Rental Agreement in 5 minutes - Our “3-Step” Process towards sustainability

After research and investment in technology, we have been able to digitize rental agreements for a quicker and more efficient experience. Apart from our Plant the Planet campaign, this is another effort towards sustainability to save paper!

Fill out the personal and property details on an online form. Here is the link. The filled-in agreement will be sent to you for review. Our template is based on 10 years of rental experience, over 5000 rental transactions, and has been vetted by legal experts to eliminate any possibility of discrepancies. Once approved, the eStamp paper will be procured and the agreement will be sent to the owner and tenant for e-signatures (legally recognized under “The Information Technology Act, 2000”). You can conveniently sign the agreement via your phone or laptop and download the duly signed rental agreement with eStamp.
When the tenant moves out, there is a lot of disagreement between the owner and the tenant about Security Deposit Deductions. Although the amount is small as compared to the monthly rental, the feeling of being unfair or cheated causes disputes.
Based on our experience with 5000+ Rentals over the last 10 years, we have incorporated all relevant clauses to avoid such disputes, resulting in a wonderful relationship between owner and tenant.
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