30 December, 2022    
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Information will help expand your choices. Data and analytics provide insights into patterns, trends, pricing and potential value in specific locations.

Use of tech-enabled real estate platforms allows investors to explore a multitude of properties from the comfort of their homes. Technology has brought about a revolution in the real estate industry. Being time and cost effective, technology has rendered the real estate industry to be more effective and enterprising.

Artificial intelligence helps to draw a distinction between potential buyers and window shoppers. Proptech facilitates better appraisal of property on the basis of size, location etc.

Technology has changed the face of Real Estate Industry ---from the way we buy, sell, rent or manage property, everything has undergone a change.

Online platforms have made virtual tours/ walk through of property a cake walk. Thus, helping buyer's shortlist the one they find best. Targeting a wider population is also eased by technology irrespective of the distances and the time zones people belong to. Technology impacts consumers, investors and property managers.

Consumers are empowered by the detailed research and available vast data on the internet. Analytics of market trends, property prices, knowledge of amenities available makes consumers make an informed decision.

Data-driven approaches only a few clicks away help investors to engage in promising investments.

Property management has also simplified with advancements in technology.

With intelligent home security systems, online money transfers etc, energy management aspect is addressed with considerable aplomb. Owing to the fully automated and safe transfer of information, real estate industry is deemed as a transparent and trusted sector now.

Steve Jobs once said "Let's go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday".

The Real Estate Sector is indeed inventing a hassle - free tomorrow.

From booking properties via classified ads to choosing a dream home through a virtual home tour, we have come a long long way.

Thanks to technology!

"Things indeed have changed to real life to real time"

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