6 April, 2024    

Women In Real Estate: Breaking Barriers and Making Smart Moves

The real estate industry, once a male-dominated arena, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the decades. Women have achieved tremendous progress, changing the face of the profession and redefining success according to their own standards, from confronting systemic sexism to becoming the majority in the field.

In the past, it was difficult for women to establish themselves in real estate. When the National Association of REALTORS® was founded in 1908, only men were eligible to join. But trailblazers like Corrine Simpson questioned the conventional norm and opened doors for later generations of female professionals. Women persevered in the face of challenges like unequal pay and few leadership possibilities, eventually gaining parity and even supremacy in the field.

Since 1981, single women have surpassed single males as the majority of real estate brokers. Currently, women make up the majority of homebuyers. In addition, there is a growing trend of female leadership as businesses strive to place more women in senior positions. By promoting sustainability and equity in the real estate industry, female-led enterprises like these are also creating waves.

According to a recent CREDAI survey, the Indian real estate sector which provides 6% of the country's GDP employs 23% women. This highlights the growing participation and influence of women in a sector that plays a vital role in India's economic growth.

Why does real estate appeal to women as a professional path?

Its attractiveness is due to several aspects, such as its high earning potential, flexibility, autonomy, and ease of admission. Women also bring certain qualities to the table that are highly valued in the field, like organization, empathy, resilience, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail.

Women in real estate still face obstacles despite their advancements. Persistent issues include microaggressions, safety concerns, difficulties defining limits, and disparity in high-level employment and income. But to get over these barriers and succeed in the field, women are making the most of their networks, looking for mentors, creating online personas, and researching inclusive brokerages.

In the real estate industry, women have a wide range of opportunities and roles available to them, ranging from assisting single female investors to leading teams of seasoned professionals. In addition, women can be excellent in taking on leadership roles in real estate companies, educating inexperienced buyers about the market, and helping first-time homebuyers navigate the process. In addition, a large number of women have achieved success as independent business owners, real estate developers, and investors, showcasing their knowledge and creativity in all facets of the sector

There are a few important pointers for women who are thinking about going into the real estate industry. In order to put aspiring agents on the right track for success, they should use their contacts, look for mentors, establish an internet presence, select inclusive brokerages, and think about other access options.

Women should be empowered to make wise decisions for their futures, and this is something we at Agarwal Estates understand. At Agarwal Estates, we empower women by offering two gold coins for each investment they make with us. Our mission is to inspire financial independence and success through real estate opportunities. With over 70% of our workforce comprising women, we prioritize flexibility by allowing remote work, fostering a supportive environment for growth and balance.

To conclude, women have been instrumental in transforming the real estate sector, exhibiting leadership qualities and pushing the boundaries of innovation while also questioning conventions and oppressions. Let us continue to promote gender equality and build a more welcoming and equitable future for everyone involved in the real estate industry as we honor their accomplishments and contributions.

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