03 July, 2023    

How Work-from-Home Jobs are Redefining Work-Life Balance

Working remotely is a trend that has been on the rise for years and shows no signs of slowing. As technology has improved, our connections have only gotten better. It is easier than ever to take your work with you on the train to your vacation or connect from the beach to your desk.

Working from home has many benefits for employees as well as employers. Companies are spending minimally on work infrastructure, and the stress of finding a perfect workspace in the middle of a busy metropolitan city is also eliminated. It has also increased the hiring rate of qualified employees without any geographical limitation.

Are work-from-home jobs effective?

Until the pandemic, no one would have thought that remote working would be the new normal. With the increase in hybrid work environments and WFH jobs, workers have redefined their style of working. Co-working spaces, work cafes, and work cations have tremendously reversed the notion that WFH jobs are boring.

According to Buffer’s 2023 State of Remote Work report 91% of workers appreciated WFH jobs. Other studies have highlighted that the productivity of employees improves when workers are emotionally satisfied and stay with their families. The commute time and the stress of relying on public transport and waiting for buses or cabs have also been reduced, thus minimising the financial and physical stress of employees.

McKinsey's survey of 25,000 workers across different industries states that flexibility of work is the biggest benefit when it comes to WFH jobs. A key takeaway from this study, and indeed from most studies on the remote working dynamic, is that a flexible schedule is more important than other factors like salary or job function. Not only does flexibility give you more time to manage your life outside of work, but it also gives you new opportunities for collaboration and teamwork with your colleagues, no matter what time zone they happen to be in.

Why is WFH the new normal?

In a world where work-life balance is increasingly the buzzword, work-from-home jobs have become more popular than ever before. As technology advances and more companies offer remote positions, more people are finding themselves able to work from home for a steady pay check.

There are many benefits to working from home, including:

  • Flexibility - Work from anywhere, anytime. Many remote jobs offer flexible schedules that allow you to choose when and where you want to work.
  • Improved productivity - When you're at home, you're less likely to be distracted by the internet or by other people. This allows for better focus and more productive work sessions.
  • Less stress - Working from home reduces stress in two ways: First, it eliminates travel time and commuting expenses; second, working from home reduces the stress associated with being stuck in traffic or other forms of transportation delays.
  • Increased happiness - Studies show that people who work remotely report higher levels of job satisfaction than those who commute long distances each day.

As you can tell from the results shown here, there are definite benefits to working from home. Not only do most people who choose this option report that it's more flexible than a regular job, but they also tend to be more productive in their day-to-day tasks when working from home. If you've been considering making the switch, we hope that these findings will help settle any lingering questions. They certainly bode well for workers interested in making the leap.

Agarwal Estates is Changing the Face of Work

From the start, we have always believed in work life balance. It has been more than 8 years since Agarwal Estates started and we have embraced the WFH culture before the onset of Covid. Our Managing Director has vast experience in Dell, Cisco and many other multinational companies in the USA and he has brought the WFH culture from his rich NRI background.

We want every individual to benefit from work from home culture. We do not restrict on the number of WFH days a week. We also encourage few female employees to work permanently from their homes without having to leave their jobs for taking care of their families. Employee satisfaction has always been our main goal and we strive to develop an inclusive environment for all our workers.

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