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What is E-Stamp Paper?

E-stamping is a method of electronically stamping documents. The e-stamp certificate includes a unique identification number (UIN) that cannot be altered. An EStamp Paper can be used for varied reasons like Power of Attorney, Sale Deeds, Transfer of Immovable Property, Affidavits, Agreements, Deeds, Wills, etc.

How Does an E-Stamp Application Form Look Like?

Here is an example of an EStamp Procurement Application Form. We have highlighted the important fields in Red to make it easier for you to understand!

9 Points to Consider When Filling Out an E-Stamp Form:

1. Fields marked with * are mandatory e.g., Application date, Document Description, and Name

2. The Application Date will always be the date of preparation for the eStamp.

3. Document Description (Article) - For a Rental Agreement between Owner and Tenant, it is Article# 30 for the State of Karnataka.
You can use the below article# for other documents in the State of Karnataka:

  • Article# 37 for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU),
  • Article# 4 for an Affidavit,
  • Article# 41 for a Power of Attorney,
  • Article# 5 for a Sale Agreement,
  • Article# 29 for Indemnity Bond, and
  • Article# 34 for Mortgage Deed.

4. Property Description: Add the complete address of the Scheduled Property.

5. PAN details are not mandatory in the Application Form.

6. Both parties' names should always be in BLOCK LETTERS.

7. It is critical that the NAME on the Affidavit be correct. The Affidavit does not require a second party.

8. First Party is Owner/Seller and Second Party is Tenant/Buyer.

9. Once generated, an e-stamp cannot be edited or modified in any way.

Our Pro Tip: EStamp can also be cancelled within six months of its Date of Issuance. If there are any cancellations, you can also request a refund for unused EStamp(s).

There are other ways to procure an EStamp paper, simply click on the Link and fill out the google form to receive your EStamp paper.

As you are now aware of the various technical aspects involved in completing an Application Form to obtain an EStamp Paper, an Easy Alternative to get your Legally vetted and Executed Rental Agreement is here.

Disclaimer: The methods for E-Stamping or paying stamp duty charges to the government vary by state. For more information, contact your local e-stamp provider.

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