24 August, 2022    

Have you ever questioned why a neat, clean, higher-maintained, and well-renovated residence in your neighbourhood is consistently considered a cut above the rest and yields better investment and sells quickly? The reality is that home improvement typically provides good returns not only in a growing market but also in a downturn.

One thing to remember about home renovations is that they don’t always guarantee a profit gain or interest. When we spend money on home repairs and other repair projects, there should always be some opportunity cost that varies from the possibility of good ROI or Overcapitalization. To evade any negative impact while renovating your home, it is very important to know some ideas which will be cost-effective and meet all your criteria while doing renovation work for your home that offer you the best Return on Investment. However, one must determine whether the priority is for personal use or Investment Goals.

Here are some of the focus areas to remember while renovating your house for not only a higher Return on Investment but will also provide an opportunity for a faster sale.

1. Kitchen and Bathroom Improvement

The first Focus area of your home should be the place that typically experienced a lot of usages. The kitchen is considered to be the most happening place in your home and one spends most of the time compared to other places. So in terms of renovation, it’s important to know where most of the money goes. Allocating the cost of the kitchen renovation doesn’t need much effort with the right Plan and ideas.

Investing in the Remodelling Process not only helps you in getting a New Kitchen but increases your likelihood of acquiring a higher return on investment.

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, minor remodelling and fitting changes will yeild the best ROI. A few changes in bathroom fittings like upgrading the shower head, Vanity fittings, and Lighting; keeping in mind investing in renovation not only raises the Sale Price but make it easier to sell. A minor bathroom remodel is less expensive than a kitchen remodel.

2. Upgradation and Replacement

Investment to upgrade, for example, new materials are constantly being brought into the market replacing outdated styles. It can be financially rewarding in the longer run with better alternatives and changes. In today's market and customer expectations, it's all about the smart home system and its energy usage efficiency. It can be purchased separately and gradually transforms your home over time. For example, switching from standard to smart door locks and adding home security alerts that are linked to your devices to monitor.

3. Interior Finishes

Updating and remodelling your interior layout also plays a vital role in the decision making of Homebuyers. A decent and modern appearance to your living space and kitchen area will speak volumes about your taste and upkeep. New materials are constantly introduced in the market and replacing anachronistic finishes with better alternatives can be financially rewarding.

At the same time, certain alterations such as overspending on gardens, wallpaper, paints, and extravagant kitchens may not add value to your home. The investment must be carefully calculated in terms of both money and time.


In conclusion, Buying is an emotional decision! So aesthetic appeal of the home is extremely important.

When it comes to the resale of individual property or villa, it is always advised to reinvest in the home so that it can be kept in prime condition and add value to your asset. However, keep in mind Someone who cannot afford high-priced structures and finishes must consider the primary needs of the house and use items that are relatively inexpensive. Remember! While a fantastic first-rate task will increase the value of your property, an unfinished or shoddy one will cost you money. At the same time, when making additions to a building, the bylaws of that region must be followed.

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